What about the Guys?

PPE recognizes that the health of both men and women is paramount to healthy families and the reduction of infant mortality . When we visit campuses and conferences across the country we are often face with the question: What about the guys? Well we hear you and this year during Men’s Health Month, PPE engaged.

As part of our efforts to increase male involvement and men’s health content within the PPE program, we partnered with various men’s health organizations and engaged in men’s outreach events throughout the month.

Earlier this month, PPE participated in the hugely successful #MensHealthChat which trended, reaching millions.

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Later in the month, PPE partnered with Dr. Jermane Bond and the National Collaborative for Health to facilitate the 3rd Annual Men’s Health Roundtable. We were joined by health leaders in both the government and private sectors to discuss the United States’ progress towards addressing the preconception care and reproductive life planning needs of boys and men. You can follow the live tweets by following #MensHealthMatters

When addressing men’s preconception health it is important to be able to recognize the major health issues faced by men of reproductive age, identify available resources and programs and create strategies to aid men in healthy choices.

For further information, please check out the free webinar below from EveryWoman Southeast:

What about the Guys? Men’s Reproductive Health: Programmatic Strategies and Lessons Learned


June is Men’s Health Month: #MensHealthChat

This month PPE participated in the widely successful men’s health Twitter chat, hosted by the Office of Minority Health (OMH). Participants shared men’s health information and resources in both English and Spanish using the hash tag: #MensHealthChat.

Over the span of an hour, 655 total contributors produced over 3,100 tweets reaching almost 6.5 million people. The support sent #Men’sHealthChat trending with thousands of retweets. On hand to tweet with us and share important information and resources about men’s health and health disparities: United States HHS, Men’s Health Network, NFL Hall of Famer Mike Haynes, Caroline Sunshine of Disney Channel, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, Men’s Health Magazine and the list goes on.

For highlights of the chat, check out OMH’s recap here.

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