5 Tips on Submitting Your Mini Award Request

Apply Early

Don’t wait until the deadline. All mini award request applications receive meticulous inspection. Submitting early affords you more opportunities to edit your application which can increase the chances of approval. For all early submissions, the Office of Minority Health Resource Center will be able to provide guidance specific to your application to help increase its chances of being approved. The faster your application is submitted and approved, the more likely you will receive the award on time.

Focus on the big picture

Facilities, transportation, materials and printing – these are all big time costs but adding them to your application will allow you to be flexible in your activities. These are also examples of items that have been approved in the past.

Make sure you fulfill the application requirements to the best of your ability

Candidates who complete the application as instructed receive priority over those who don’t. Following instructions is important. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered. Again, it’s always better to submit early, that way we can notify you of any errors.

Update Us From time to time

We’re people too and we’d like to hear from you. A program’s activity and interaction factors in on award decisions as well. The more we know about your club and its activities, the easier it is to assess your outreach and the potential impact of the award.
Send us an email, We’d love to hear how your club is doing. It’s important that we be able to share the work PPEs are doing.

Don’t Forget to Itemize

Itemizing will help you stay within the required award limits and helps expedite the review process. Don’t overdraw on the award amount, it can slow your application from getting processed.

Good Luck!