PPEs Exhibit at NLN in Las Vegas

California Baptist University seniors Annette Evangelista and Taylor Bagby were sponsored by the Office of Minority Health Resource Center (OMHRC) to promote the Preconception Peer Educators program at the 2015 National League for Nursing Education Summit in Las Vegas.

Taylor (left) and Annette (right) at CBU PPE exhibitor booth“Annette and Taylor have been excellent leaders in the PPE club which has helped prepare them for leadership positions in the future”

Annette and Taylor joined faculty advisor Dr. Susan Jetton and other faculty from Cal Baptist to operate the exhibitor’s booth, distribute handouts and spread the word about the PPE program. During the three-day conference, the group from Cal Baptist made several new contacts and sparked interest from conference attendees about implementing the program at their schools and in their communities.

Led by Dr. Jetton, the Cal Baptist PPE club is the most active club on the West Coast. Since 2011 they have trained hundreds of students and have hosted numerous campus events. Dr. Jetton, who is a member of the Office of Minority Health’s advisory council on preconception health, is also a huge proponent of the opportunities the Office of Minority Health affords PPE students.

“I love leading this club because it promotes health on our campus and in the community while giving students the chance to enhance their resumes,” said Dr. Jetton, “Students get certification as PPEs and internship hours from both the Office of Minority Health and the California Department of Public Health.”

Although PPE stands for preconception peer educators, it isn’t solely about reproductive health. The goal of the clubs is to promote healthy living throughout the lifecourse. The PPE club is open to all majors. Check out more pics on Facebook.

(content for this post provided by Susan Jetton)


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