National Eating Healthy Day is THIS WEEK!

National Eating Healthy Day (#NEHD) is a great opportunity for Preconception Peer Educators to stress the importance of a healthy diet. The official day is Wednesday, November 4th, but PPEs should always stress the importance of healthy eating.

Start here with this step-by-step How-To Guide For Schools (PDF)

Nutrition has always been considered an important factor in health. A mother’s nutrition influences more than just birth-weight. The health of both parents are central to an infant’s development, health and reducing disease later in life.

Good nutrition starts early. Before pregnancy or even thinking about pregnancy, men and women can ensure they maintain a healthy weight by incorporating proper eating, vitamins and exercise into their lives.

Food sources are the best way to get important nutrients. PPEs learn that pregnancy increases the demand for protein, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron, copper and other minerals so vitamins and supplements may be needed, especially for mothers, in order to maintain recommended levels.

It’s important that PPEs stress healthy eating habits as they strive to improve the health of their communities.

How-To Guide For Communities (PDF)

To assist, the American Heart Association has made a toolkit available that includes all types of materials to help PPEs promote healthy eating throughout the month:


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