How to Become a Preconception Peer Educator

Preconception Peer Educators (PPEs) are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health Resource Center to serve as health peer educators in their community. To become a PPE, prospective students must acquire the Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. The two levels of training work together to educate each student on core competencies of preconception health, health disparities and outreach skills.

cert 1
Certificate 1: This certificate will be awarded to students who participate in the Level 1, basic PPE training on preconception health, infant mortality and peer education.
Certificate 2: This certificate will be awarded to students who complete the PPE Level 1 basic training and complete required activities including webinars. Students who complete all required activities will be certified as a Preconception Peer Educator.

Required Activities:  In order to be certified as a PPE, (after the training) students must complete the following requirements. Please note requirements may vary and be determined at the discretion of the faculty adviser:

Student must be affiliated with an active PPE program and within the course of a year be involved in:

  1. One (1) Recruitment event
  2. One (1) Training event
  3. Two (2) Campus activities
  4. One (1) Community activity
  5. Webinars: must attend a minimum of 6 live or 8 archived sessions

**     Certified PPEs must undergo a “refresher” course every 2 years in order to maintain up- to- date on statistics and other data around the curriculum.

Events and activities include (examples)

Preconception Health Week, Minority Health Month, Infant Mortality Awareness Month, screenings, discussion series, engaging school health centers, collaboration with other campus groups, Greek organization activities such as: Delta Sigma Theta  prematurity initiative and Zeta  Phi Beta Bowling for Babies, fundraisers, health fairs, attending/presenting at conferences, working/participating/volunteering at existing community events.

Notification of Certification Eligibility:

At the end of the year, Faculty Advisers should submit a list of students who have completed all required activities and are eligible for certification. Include student emails and upcoming school year status (freshman, sophomore, etc.) as well.


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