PEP Squad Activities (Fall 2015)

This fall semester, the East Carolina University PPEs–Preconception Educating Pirates completed over 185 volunteer hours within the community! They also had a huge impact on campus while participating in a number of ECU events. Led by Keyuna Patterson, president and Jenelle Felton, vice president, the PEP Squad provided information on ovarian and cervical cancer; passed out condoms and multivitamins; and used social media to promote healthy behaviors. Special thanks to Dr. Monica Webb, faculty advisor, for sharing the success of the purple and gold: Go Pirates!

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Please scroll down for a detailed look at some of the activities.


During this ECU Campus Wellness event, different organizations and groups had tables set up in the Student Recreational Center. Each table discussed various types of cancer. At PEP Squad’s table, we had a tri-fold that included information about PCOS, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. We also gave out teal ribbons to students and discussed what our organization does. Pep Squad had 15 members volunteer their time at this event.

Take the Pledge

Pledge Purple is an initiative that focuses on education and advocacy of issues regarding sexual violence, harassment, and bullying. This is a week-long initiative. Pep Squad participated in Take the Pledge, which was held on The Brickyard. At this event, we discussed our organization and aspects of preconception health. We also gave out condoms and Bedsider products (t-shirts for Thanks Birth Control Day and cozies). In order to receive a t-shirt, students had to follow Pep Squad’s social media accounts and answer a preconception health question. We had 22 members volunteer at Take the Pledge.

Wrap It Up for the Holidays

Wrap It Up for the Holidays was a Pep Squad table event held outside of Dowdy Student Store. At this event, Pep Squad played a Bedsider trivia game called “Lay it On Me” and gave out condoms, multi-vitamins, and candy canes. “Lay it On Me” had trivia questions that focused on various aspects of sexual health. Since the holidays are a prime time for college students to become pregnant, we thought giving students a reminder to practice safe sex before the holiday season started was important. Pep Squad had 12 members volunteer for this event.

Shout out to the other PEP Squad officers: Treasurer: D’Angela Wrisborne, Secretary: Ankita Mishra and Historian Otiyana Dickerson.


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