Advancing Preconception Health in Communities: Launching the First National Consumer Preconception Health Resource & Campaign

During this webinar, Sarah and Suzanne will share best practices and key findings from teaming up with organizations nationwide to launch the first national preconception health resource and campaign. They will introduce the Show Your Love Ambassador Program, which will be launching during the formal campaign launch this summer. Webinar attendees are eligible to nominate themselves or others to join the Ambassador Program (details below).

PCHHC Transparent

The National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative (PCHHC), a national public-private partnership of over 70 organizations working to promote preconception wellness and life planning, will be launching Show Your Love, the first national consumer preconception resource and social campaign this summer. Show Your Love encourages young adults and their support systems to show love to themselves, their loved ones, and future families by educating themselves about optimal preconception health practices and taking an active role in their health and wellness. The campaign is designed to activate men and women of reproductive age, who do not wish to enter pregnancy, are undecided, or currently planning to become pregnant.

Show Your Love Ambassador Program:
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As part of the Show Your Love social media campaign, PCHHC is recruiting Show Your Love Ambassadors: young adults ages 18-29 who will help model and promote healthy behaviors and life choices online and in their communities. Ambassadors will receive Show Your Love swag, share their health journey on their social channels, and be prominently featured on the Show Your Love and partner sites. There is no required time commitment or social following to participate. Ambassadors will be asked to post at least two social media messages on their channels with photos/videos of their Show Your Love branded items. They’ll be asked to submit a quote or video testimonial about their health journey and the importance of making small improvements.

More information about Show Your Love here: For information about partnering with PCHHC, the Show Your Love campaign, or becoming a Show Your Love Ambassador, email Suzanne Woodward at

View Sarah and Suzanne’s bios here:


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