Mini Awards

As the new school year starts, we understand many of our PPE groups are trying to host recruitment events and PPE trainings to grow their memberships. In an effort to support our PPEs, we would like to extend some financial aid in the form of mini awards. The awards are to alleviate some of the costs of hosting a well-planned training.

If you are interested in applying for an award, please fill out an application (below). Only completed applications will be considered. Completed apps include a summary describing the event along with an itemized list of how the money will be spent, such as room fees, printing, A/V, etc. Please, remember that we cannot fund refreshments.

Only one application per campus will be accepted.

Mini-Award-Request-Form (PDF)

Recruitment events can vary from tabling, panel discussions, movie screenings to hosting a ‘bring a friend’ meeting. If you are using the award for the training, please make sure that you follow the PPE curriculum. More importantly, be creative, we like that!

Because we have a limited budget awards will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Good luck!


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